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Low Water Volume Boilers available to 1500 BHP in Plant
 When it comes to Boilers & Water Treatment, our Service and Competitive marketing, makes us one of the Leaders in the Industry.
No Engineers required in Ontario. All Boilers can be Gas and Oil Fired 
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

Approvals on Water Treatment Products approved for use in Foods. 

Water Treatment Chemicals and Consulting Services to the Boiler and Cooling Industries

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 We Service Toronto, Niagara Region & South Western Ontario, Canada
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S.P. Thermal Systems Inc.

   Supplier of Steam Boilers & Hot Water Boilers, Water Treatment Chemicals

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 Hurst Boiler & Vapor Power Boiler Products
Hurst Boiler Manufacturers a Full range  of Fire Tube Steam , Hot Water Boilers 
4 Pass.
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4504 Green Meadow Blvd., Beamsville, Ontario, L0R 1B5, Canada
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Office  1- (905) 563-8651  Mobile  (416) 876-0684  E- Mail  spthermal@cogeco.ca
We offer Boiler Sales and Water Treatment Services, servicing Toronto, Niagara Region & South Western Ontario, Canada

Hurst Boiler and Welding, we represent in Ontario, Canada

 Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers
  • Fire Tube Boilers   - Series 200 - Series 250 - Series 300 - Series 400 - Series 500  - Series Euro
  • Vertical Tubeless Boilers  - Series 4VT  - 4 VT HW Series  - VIX Series
  • Fire Box Boilers   - Series 45 - Series 100 - LPE Series
  • Solid Fuel Boilers  - Capable of burning Hundreds of Biomass Fuels
  • Feed Water Tanks
  • Deaerators
  • Blowdown Separators

Unilux Boilers

Water Tube Boilers 
  • Low Water Volume Steam Boilers not requiring Engineers 
  • High Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Low Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Hot Water Boilers 
  • Industrial Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers up to 900 BHP

Design Features​
  • 5 Gas Pass providing high efficiency, not needing economizer
  • Flex Tube design eliminating Thermal Shock
  • Tube replacement without welding or rolling
  • High Turn Down ratios are available from 4 to 8:1
  • High Heating Surface area compared to other Low Water Volume Steam boilers. Offering extended life, lower maintenance
  • Large Steam Drum with internal stainless steel separator, producing excellent Steam Quality
  • Natural Circulation, not requiring extra pump
  • Low Electrical power saving, on operational cost
  • Low NOx available
  • Low Water Volume design in Ontario allowing up to 3 x 150 BHP without needing Engineers
  • Can be serviced by any licence contractor
  • Excellent Warranties from manufacturer
Water Treatment Services

  • Full Line of Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals and Services
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Acid Cleaning and Closed Loop Cleaners & inhibitors.
  • Acid Cleaning Services, including equipment rentals
  • Complete Laboratory Services offered with the chemicals purchased 
  • Energy Management Services - Monthly Consulting Services and visits
  • Distributors for Jacklyn Industry manufacturer of our Chemicals

Chemical Feed Equipment

  • Water Softeners
  • Softener Polishers
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Chemical Timers​
  • Automatic Boiler Blowdown Controllers
  • Automatic Cooling Tower Controllers
  • Contact Water Meters
  • Blowdown Solenoids
  • Chlorine Dioxide Units
  • Filters to various micron sizes

Boiler Auxiliary Equipment

  • Feed Water Pumps
  • Lead Lag Controllers
  • ​Feed Water Check Valves - Spring Loaded Stainless Steel
  • Boiler Stack Venting
  • Blowdown Tanks
  • Feed Water Tanks - Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Heat Exchangers
Vapor Power International Boilers

  • Coil Tube Circulatic design Boiler to operate in Ontario to 1500 BHP (3 x 500 BHP) - not requiring Engineers
  • Design Operating pressure up to 475 psig
  • ​Can be fired on Gas and # 2 Oil
  • Meets all NOx regulations
  • Units have a High Turn Down ratio of 10:1
Boiler Consulting Services

  • Boiler System Thermal reviews
  • Boiler Efficiency audits
  • Boiler various Calculations, including load evaluation
  • Boiler Efficiency Calculations