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Vapor Power manufactures Steam Generator Boilers and Hot Oil Generators, providing Steam  up to 1500 BHP (51,750 lbs / hour) without requiring Engineers in Ontario, Canada.  They are of the Low Volume Boiler design.
Advantages of the Vapor Steam Generators are

  • Steam in < 5 minutes from cold to Full Operating Pressure

  • Units can operate at very high pressures. They are of the Coil Tube Boilers design

  • Units are compact in size and can fit through most doors. Suitable where space is an issue

  • Units can operate on Natural Gas and # 2 Oil

  • Units come with Full Modulation up to 10: 1 turndown

  • Units are offered having the latest Linkageless controls

  • Units are available to operate in Ontario meeting TSSA regulations not requiring Engineers

  • Competitively priced

S.P Thermal Systems Inc. offering a complete line of Low Water Volume Boilers producing steam for the Ontario Market.
These boilers are classified as Operator Exempt Boilers in Ontario
Boiler & Water Treatment Sales Specialist 
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    Used in

Hospitals, Food Industry, Manufacturing and many other applications.
Used where extremely high steam pressures are required or where high steam boiler sizes are needed
Vapor Power Boilers Specifications and Literature
Vapor Circulatic Steam Boilers
 Designed by 
S.P. Thermal Systems Inc
 These range of Boilers produced by Vapor Power, have the ability for Full output in < 5 Minutes. These systems are closed loop systems having a compact design, operating at High temperatures at Low Pressure.
Temperature ranges up to 750 F are available.

How it works: The HI-R-Temp is a forced circulation type liquid phase heater in which fluid circulates through a set of coils. The pump is sized to optimize motor horsepower and maintain the fluid properties. Combustion fuel and air are controlled  in response to fluid outlet temperature. 

 This assures the output temperature of the heater is held steady. The small volume and high fluid velocity allow the HI-R-Temp to respond quickly to changing system output requirements.

Units are available in sizes from 400,000 - 20,000,000 BTU/HR 

  HI-R Temp ®

Please contact us for your Boiler needs. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and the expertise, for selecting the correct boiler for your operation.

Vapor Power manufacturers all types of Coil Tube Boilers including Hot Oil units.

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