Features of the Unilux Low Water Volume Boiler - INDUSTRIAL STEAM BOILERS


  • Unilux Boiler : No Operating Engineers required in Ontario, Canada up to 450 BHP (3 x 150 BHP)
  • High thermal efficiencies due to the high number of Gas Passes (5)
  • Modulating turndown ratio from 4 to 8:1 depending on the type of burner selected
  • Firing on Natural Gas or # 2 Oil, exceeding environmental regulations
  • High heating surface area, resulting in less stress & longer service life ( 100 BHP = 431 Sq Ft150 BHP = 538 Sq Ft )
  • Flexible tube design, eliminating the possibility of thermal shock
  • Large Steam drum, capable of handling large load swings
  • Excellent steam quality, due to better internal circulation
  • Natural boiler circulation, eliminating the need of an extra pump. No circulating pump required.
  • No tube welding required, making repairs easy and having the lowest repair cost. Tubes are ferruled fitted
  • Low electrical, maintenance and fuel operating cost. Request a Free Evaluation
  • Lower Installation Cost -  Low replacement parts cost, as most parts are available from any supplier
  • Most comprehensive Warranty's available, including Thermal Shock (25 Years) & refractory warranty of 5 years. 

   For more details on Boiler Design including the 5 Pass, open the files on the RIGHT

       Things to consider when Evaluating Operator Exempt Boilers
This requires some understanding of the various boiler designs, and the expected operating conditions you will be facing. 

The heating surface area of the boiler, will determine the expected boiler life expectancy and how critical are the design limits. Example, a higher heating surface area boiler, will last longer, than a boiler with a smaller heating surface area. Unilux has a higher heating surface area, compared to most Low Water Volume Boilers.

Boiler type of Modulation, will determine if the boiler will cycle on and off. The higher the turndown ratio, the less cycling on and off (less purge loss) and the higher expected system efficiency. Unilux can go as high as 8:1

The larger the Steam drum of the boiler, the better the boiler is capable of large steam swings. Small steam drum boilers, have issues of low water conditions and poor steam quality. Poor Steam quality, will reduce your process temperatures, and therefore reduce efficiency. Some boiler designs even include a steam separator. With out it, the unit will be even less efficient. Unilux has one of the largest steam drums in the Low Water Volume class of boilers.

The higher the number of boiler Gas Passes, reflects in most cases higher boiler efficiency.
Innovations were implemented to improve the efficiency, to meet the new environment challenges in this boiler design. Expected Fuel to Steam Efficiency with 180 F Feed Water temperature can be as high as 82- 84% on natural gas.

Natural Circulation boilers have less electrical usage (one less pump) and lower maintenance cost. Unilux boilers have natural circulation due to the design. 

No tube welding, in the case of the Unilux Low Volume Boilers, therefore reduced repair cost, in the event of tube repairs.

Flexible balanced tube design, as in the case of the Unilux boiler will eliminate thermal shock issues.

Electrical Consumption on boilers will vary based on the following. Some boilers require a larger HP blower motor, due to the boiler design has a higher pressure drop. In some designs the boiler does not have natural circulation and therefore requires an additional circulating pump. These two issues on certain boiler designs, will result in a much higher operating and maintenance cost. This does not apply to the Unilux boiler.
To evaluate the electrical operating cost, we recommend you consider reviewing the operating cost of the various boiler designs, by requesting the data below from the various boiler suppliers

BHP – 64 -150 Blower MotorFD. Pump MotorCir. Pump MotorTotal Motor HP

Unilux  Boiler       3-5 HP                 <5 HP                NONE                  <10 HP

BoilerElectric Cost AverageVoltageBoiler run hours / yearTotal Motor HPAverage run  Load %Average Electric cost /yr

Unilux      $0.06 / kwh      575/3/60       2000                           <10 HP          Say 80% Feed Pump is on/off      <$795.73

OTHER Boiler$0.06 / kwh575/3/60        2000                           ----- HP                                                          $ --------------

To calculate annual predicted Electric cost:

Electric Cost = Total Motor HP x Oper. Hrs x 0.746 x $0.06/0.9 x Average Run Load % / 100 = Annual Cost

Note: Please fill in the other boiler conditions, or call us and we can do this for you.

Based on the above example, we expect the Electrical Operating Cost of the Unilux Boiler to be  $ 795.73 per year. Most of the other competitive boiler products, this cost is much higher. Consider doing this evaluation for the other boilers, before proceeding with the purchase of a new boiler. Always remember operating cost must be part of your decision of purchase.
Without doing the above exercise you can estimate the electrical consumption to be 3 – 4 times higher with the other boilers. Therefore expect 3 – 4 times higher electrical operating cost.

Blowdown Control is very important to maintain at the maximum allowable value that the design of the boiler will allow, before steam quality becomes an issue. The maximum Total Dissolved Value is usually determined by your Water Treatment supplier, who is familiar with your water make up quality, amount of condensate returns, external equipment in use, load swings, process steam quality required and equipment such as softeners, reverse osmosis etc.  

Some boilers of classification of Low Water Volume, do not have a true blowdown water collection location, while some others have an unusual blowdown design, where the boiler water is returned to the feed water tank, rather than going to drain.  In both of these boiler suppliers, huge claims are made that their blowdown is less than conventional boilers. These claims are false and their blowdown is actually much higher, due to design restrictions.
In addition, some of these boiler suppliers have even gone beyond, by adding other timed blowdown controls, to help protect their boiler due to their units have a very small heating surface area. This does not save you money but increases blowdown (higher heat loss going to drain) and destroys water treatment chemical and blowdown control. The final result is extra operating cost to the user.

 S.P. Thermal Systems would be happy to offer a Free Blowdown evaluation, showing what the actual operating cost would be, if those boiler designs were part of you boiler selection. A second opinion cost nothing and is always a wise move before making your boiler purchase. 

Unilux Boilers are supplied with standard boiler parts, making after market operating cost lower, than units that are on the market, where you can only purchase parts from the boiler manufacturer. In some cases, this also applies to service, where the manufacturer is the only person that can service your boiler. In the case of Unilux boilers, parts and service can be purchased from others and service work can be done by any licensed boiler service technician.

The capital cost of a new boiler, is only a small portion of the Total Cost of ownership.  During the life time expectancy of a new boiler, the operating costs will far exceed the capital cost of the unit.  S.P Thermal Systems Inc. can help you evaluate your future operating costs of the Unilux boiler and compare it to any other boiler vendors. We offer a free efficiency operating cost evaluation, based on your expected load and operating conditions, before purchasing. This will show the operating savings you can expect verses other units.

Warranties offered by Unilux match and exceeds most competitive boiler warranties

Unilux Low Water Volume Boiler Drawings - PDF Files
NOTE: TSSA Approved as Low Water Volume to 150 BHP.  Please call for your quote. 
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