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Steam generating boilers of all designs  require Boiler Chemical Treatment and are subject to the same problems namely, boiler scale, boiler corrosion, steam / condensate system corrosion, and producing steam of adequate quality.

We provide a complete Water Treatment Chemical package.

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Scale prevention or control in steam boilers is normally accomplished by a combination of external treatment (ie Zeolite softening) and Chemical Treatment 
( ie chelants, polymers, phosphonates etc.)

Boiler corrosion most frequently is caused by dissolved oxygen, typically resulting in localized pits which effect rapid penetration and tube failure. Traditionally this problem has been approached utilizing some combination of external treatment (ie Feed water heaters, deaerators etc.) and internal chemical treatment (ie sodium sulfite etc. as an oxygen scavenger)
This program remains the favorite in Fire Tube boilers and older low heat flux Water Tube designs. This is particularly true where the operation and loads are relatively constant. 
Modern technology however has led to the development of new film forming chemistries which are rapidly displacing sulfite programs in treating the new Low Water content - High Heat flux boiler designs.
These programs provide a protective film covering waterside boiler metal surfaces which maintains protection during idle periods and short duration shutdown times
These blends of dispersants and corrosion inhibitors for boiler and condensate systems are ideally suited for systems that run less than 24 hours / day and are then shutdown. Plants such as Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Greenhouses, Process Plants and many more are well suited for this program. If you are having problems maintaining sulfite values in your boiler or if you are experiencing corrosion on boiler tube surfaces, we can solve your problem immediately.

For more details on this Technology, request some information on our  Molybdate Treatment line for Steam Boilers

Steam / Condensate system corrosion is primarily caused by the formation of carbonic acid in condensed steam. This condition unchecked will lead to system failure and can cause serious iron deposition problems on boiler tubes. Normally this problem is controlled through chemical addition using either neutralizing or filming amines.

Steam purity problems can originate from both mechanical and water related conditions. If the boiler is undersized or subject to sudden large increases in load, surging of the boiler water into the steam may occur. This results in very wet steam up to the point of cycling boiler water into the steam system. Aside from the huge reduction in heating capacity, serious corrosion and deposition in the system can result.
Water or chemically related "Wet Steam" or carryover problems generally are caused by inadequate boil out or cleaning of new installations, process contamination of steam or condensate, or insufficient blowdown of the boiler.
Chemical overfeed or improper treatment selection can also cause this condition.

They are many variables to be considered when selecting an appropriate Water Management program for each installation. Boiler size, operating pressure, steam demand, load variables, feed water quality, internal condition, feed water temperature, operating history, available staff time, boiler design, required chemical approvals and more play a part in the type of program to be selected.

A factor frequently ignored by Water Treatment suppliers is systems control. This is mainly due to the fact that they are chemical suppliers rather than Energy Managers of your boiler system. 
S.P. Thermal Systems  through many years experience in the Boiler and Water Treatment business, have made a commitment  to educate our customers in maintaining control, using the latest equipment technology available.

Available today are automatic blowdown controllers which maintain precise blowdown control.  Water meters having contact heads that activate chemical pumps based on the amount of water make up going into the Feed Water tanks. Some of this equipment is shown under Equipment in our links

In an effort to make our customers more aware of the Energy, Water and Chemical losses, that can occur from inadequate water control, S.P. Thermal Systems Inc. has developed our own spreadsheet programs. We provide our customers with a detailed loss cost of fuel, water and chemicals, where control is not being maintained. As part of our regular service, this report is available to our customers 

For a detailed evaluation of your Water Treatment  and control program  call us and we will be happy to review your system and determine  where savings can be achieved by improving your control programs.

This is our business  so call us,  you have nothing to lose.

Our Water Treatment Services cover Toronto to Niagara Falls and South Western Ontario, Canada
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We carry a Full Line of Chemicals for Boilers, Cooling, Close Loops and many other  System.
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